Surface Design & Illustration


I transform my digital art into patterns for fabric, stationery, and home decor. I specialize in hand drawn, organic textures and bold contrasts. My style is simple, down-to-earth, sketchy, and informal.

What I Do

Surface Design & Illustration

I love creating artwork for fabric, home decor, greeting cards, wrapping paper, and more!

Graphic Design

My background in graphic design has included print design, social media graphics, and more.

Shop: Fabric and Home Decor

Want to purchase my artwork on fabric and home decor? Visit my shop on Spoonflower!

























Why I Love What I Do

Nothing excites me so much as the simple art of making. There is something so healing, so hopeful, so fundamental about finding beauty in the everyday, capturing it on paper, (or on screen, or on fabric), and for a brief moment catching a glimpse of something transcendent.

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