Let’s get started

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I’ve been slowly plugging away at this dream of mine for years now. So much time spent learning and practicing my craft, building a website, doubting, second-guessing and wondering: Will I be good enough; will I ever get this thing off the ground? I’ve heard it said that “perfection is the enemy of progress” and it’s so true. Are my designs perfect? Absolutely not! Are they ready? I don’t know. All I know is that it’s time to start. My fears and doubts have held me back for far too long.

So, I started. Yesterday.

My Spoonflower shop is live! It’s exciting and scary and wonderful all at once.

My next collection is nearly ready to launch, so look for new designs on my shop very soon! Here is a small sneak peek of what’s to come. . .

Coming soon to my Spoonflower shop!


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